Our success in all relationships requires us to be ever mindful of our speech, of our thoughts, of our actions and our intentions. Being a loving partner, parent, friend, or co-worker bears much fruit in our lives. 

Successful Relationships require that we pay close attention, that we nurture our ability be more compassionate and that we stay calm. Mindfulness helps us be aware of the patterns that help us connect to ourselves and to others in our world….and, the world at large.

Our goal with Successful Relationships is to help you find answers and develop skills that are practical and relevant to real life. We bring you fresh and exciting ways to build lasting connections.


A Message from Diane

I am so pleased you have decided to take a moment to see what we are all about. This is where, for the last 25 years, I have devoted my life to helping people create the happy, healthy, and lasting relationships they have always wanted. Please listen to the message from me below, and explore what Successful Relationships has to offer you and your loved ones.

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In-House Programs

Create the life you want now!
As human beings, we often find ourselves in a transitional space, we may be in that foreign place because of re-location, job change, divorce, illness, or unexpected changes in what our lives were supposed to be.  
We offer programs such as:
Individual Sessions 
Couples Sessions
Single & Single-Again Groups


Speaking Services

It's time to get motivated!
With 25 years of experience in group and individual therapy, writing, and lecturing, we offer your group the chance to hear Diane's wonderful wealth of knowledge and understanding on relationships, mindfulness, motivation, and success. Ask about a speaking opportunity for your event.
Church Groups
Community Organizations
Corporate Programs

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